Is your partner playing too much poker?

My husband is a strong Indian man and I have heard that Indian’s spend a lot of time on poker, but his poker playing (or else he’d say, my attitude towards it) has begun to turn into an issue in our union.

I will explain either side of the since I will likely show him this thread and I need him to listen to it and take it seriously instead of believe I have introduced a one-sided narrative.

He was in finance and is a really technical and mathematical individual. In certain respects I believe he overlooks that”buzz” of gambling and thus enjoys the danger and skill involved in playing poker in a casino with a couple people he’s got to know through time.

We do not have money troubles, certainly not in the manner that players have. There’s property we lease out that we get rental income from, that’s never risked and he plays a small portion of revenue.

Everything I say to him fluctuates from telling him I’m lonely/bored and desiring him home (the majority of the time I just sit for 8hours watching TV, not knowing when he is likely to return.) When it’s happening quite often (1am,2am finishes) that frequently it will, I get mad and let him damn come home since it is not fair. Sometimes where he believes that the world is against him for his or her losses, I attempt to jolt him from everything I see as a lack of logic, which never goes well.

(ie the other gamers.)

He’s made a meal from the text exchange because. About the way that it’s unanimous signs I do not promote himhow I reveal no assistance. The way I am, actually, to blame because of his losses. And it is the exact same every week. I state something in the wee hours of the morning about the way I chased poker and want him home and I have jinxed the entire game and it’s all my fault.

I, that sits at home for 7hours responding to texts spends 15 minutes in the conclusion requesting him to come home, also causes tens of thousands of pounds worth of losses???

He’d assert that we have exceptional mortgages that want paying off and we want money to live out of and that is where poker comes from. 1 basic argument we have is that he believes we need more cash to live out of than I do. Though I occasionally enjoy the cash he was able to create from poker, until I met him I was broke and got by on what I left – and I could return to that quite readily. Within the last couple of decades he’s made a great deal of cash from poker, but has been on a losing streak for a couple of months now and I feel that is exactly what he sees hardest to take care of.

We’re in a cycle today at which days that he performs (which change from 3-4 times per week) he can get up at 11am, eat lunch, and visit poker about 2pm or 3pm and remain there till 1/2/3am. He’d assert that he occasionally comes home at 10pm, but that’s often still a 8 hour of being outside of the home. He’s in contact constantly , about the particular hand, that hand, how unfortunate he is, exactly what the statistical chances were against him . I’m not especially interested in poker however I react about anything else.

If it gets to about 1am, I begin to have a little chubby. I’m attempting to go to bed and also to associate with him. Either he believes I am jinxing himthat I am throwing negativity about the match and so placing him “tilt”.


He’s home since I have”ruined everything,” and I really feel a massive sense of stress as he comes knowing what’s to come. He’s very wired from extreme attention, becoming angry and we’ve got a crying game. He remains up later and sulks and we do not speak to each other the following day either.


Sometimes I wind up”apologising” to do that which he requested me to not do (being negative about poker if he’s out late) I can see that when he requests me straight to not do something since it’s a negative effect on his match, I must not take action. However, I believe his attitude generally is incorrect. He says that is not how folks dig themselves from losses.

Can poker addicts have a serious relationship?

I’m sitting in my condominium with 15 minutes left until I am supposed to begin playing online for another 10-12 hours. This is my next to last blogpost which I will write this season.

I’m thinking about writing my previous one about my new year’s resolutions and also this years resolutions and the way I did together.

I’m first going to need to produce my brand new resolutions, but my mind was mulling this over for a couple weeks now and I got a rough outline of exactly what I need them to become.

I’m insanely pumped to the upcoming few months in regards to poker. I’ve mapped out essentially what I will do through Bay 101, essentially being on the street beginning with PCA and enjoying a lot of live tournaments for your initial 3 weeks of this year.

I’ve been going through a fairly tough time with my ex-girlfriend, since we’ve been discussing over the past couple months because dividing about whether we are making the ideal choice by dividing.

It has been a very tough time for me personally, as I really like her with all my heart and desire we can work things out. I know she loves me too and we both want what is ideal for each other.

It disturbs me that I can not appear to get a relationship workout. I would like to finally have the ability to get married and have a family. This is currently the third relationship where things haven’t worked out partly due to poker, and all three were in another manner.

The first one did not work since I had basically only found poker and was intrigued by the match and became hooked on it. I had been playing 60-70 hours per week and let everything else in my entire life drop by the wayside.


I got my priorities right finally and learned to equilibrium poker along with different things in my personal life.

The next relationship that was influenced by poker has been with a woman who just basically didn’t approve of gaming. That connection I should have understood from the start was simply not going to workout.

And this previous connection, with neither of these preceding issues being the issue, just does not work with just how long we must spend apart.

None of us is prepared to make the leap to getting her come with me all my excursions and also make that commitment that we’re going to essentially get married. And it’s simply way too difficult to keep our connection with me on the street all of the time.

Get married? Do all of poker players have the very same problems?